The word “Crystal” is derived from the ancient Greek term “krysallos” meaning “ice”. We call this, ice crystals snowflakes and recognise their six sided forms.  Every substance from water to carbon, or blood, will form crystalline structures given the correct circumstances of temperature and pressure.  Deep within the Earth’s crust superheated gases and mineral-rich solutions find their way towards the surface along cracks at extreme temperatures. As these cool, they begin to take solid form and turn into a three-dimensional atom pattern known as crystal lattice. 

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Crystals are known to be the most orderly matter in the universe. There unique structure and different mineral properties amongst the varies colour shapes and sizes make crystals valuable in modern technology. They are used in watches and lasers, and are now becoming more common for regulating devices in engines powering all manner of things from cars to space shuttles.

The very nature of crystals increases the levels of harmony in their immediate environment. Whether the imbalance in us is a physical illness or emotional or mental upset, our energy pattern has lost its order. The simple, powerful resonance of a crystal, with its locked in power of ancient fire and unique purity of form, may help is reinstate our own balance and harmony.

Crystals are capable of amplifying, focusing, directing, absorbing, diffusing and transmitting differing levels of energy.

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