Spiritual Reading and Guidance

Spiritual reading and guidance is working together, as a team, to help you find clarity for your soul growth and healing. The spiritual mentor listens and asks questions to assist you in your process of reflection and growth. Direction in this area may develop a deeper relationship with the spiritual aspect of being human. It is not psychotherapy, counselling, or financial planning.

Regular sessions of spiritual mentoring can involve either one on one or a couple’s meeting in conjunction with a reiki treatment. In order to receive the full benefit of these treatments it is advised to receive these simultaneously with a reiki treatment.
There may be spiritual exercises and disciplines given for the client to attempt between meetings. There may be specific items that can complement the treatment such as: traditional or modern interpretation which could vary from themed images from art, mythics, angels, colours, animal, floral and fauna, nature, crystals, aroma etc. There may be times where astrology and numerology will be used.  You will be comforted with passion and support.
We invite you to come with an open mind and heart, ready to receive.

(Note: Spiritual guidance and support is NON physical and NOT a substitute for legal matters or medical care).