Psychic Reading


"I met Linda at a BMS fair and I immediately like her warmth and lightness of conversation.
During my reading I enjoyed Linda’s conversational way of doing the reading and I found myself completely captivated by the way she interpreted the Rider Waite tarot cards presented. They were interpreted in part by the picture but the interpretation was not the traditional interpretation but rather her own. I must say I loved this. When we started and she presented the cards I thought ‘I don't think so…’ but it quickly changed to; ‘wow you are unique in the way you are reading the cards’ Her reading for me was very accurate and in tune with what was happening for me in present time, she was also accurate with my experiences of the past and her reading for my future made sense and was logical that indeed those events could take place. I thoroughly enjoyed my reading with Linda and in fact I had another reading with her soon after. I will definatley be a regular client and would recommend her for readings." ~S.D