Vision Board Workshop 16/01/2016


"Thank you to Linda for making today's visions board workshop 2016 such a relaxing, fun and enjoyable day!  On arrival Linda was so warm, welcoming and friendly and I felt like I was at home. 
We started the day with an introduction on the workshop which was very exciting and interesting to hear. We chose an archangel card and to my amazement it was on point for myself. From this we had a relaxing meditation session and it opened up my visions, positive thoughts and removed the negative thoughts. From this we moved onto the fun part "The Vision Board!" Linda had everything prepared magazines, texas, pencils, stencils, scissors, glue and paper. This was so fun to be able to visualise my vision in front of me so that every day when I open up my wardrobe door I will always focus and remind myself of my visions and achieve them!

Thank you very much Linda for giving me this opportunity." ~J.C